About Us

We are an innovative company

Business process re-engineering through digital innovation: we call it “Digital Transformation”. 

Who We Are

We are a team of experts in business organization and digital innovation. We want to capitalize on experience and knowledge to a new dimension of the business. 

Our Mission

Our intention is to be the partner for the development of your business and so we will be your R & D department in order to boost your business and achieve a brand new level of cooperation.

What We Do

We help companies to innovate their processes thanks to the use of digital technologies, following a gradual path that allows investing in proportion to people’s ability to exploit the new tools.

How we work

Evridigit is a company that is working in the field of digital services for enterprises. It has a holistic approach towards providing these services, using advanced digital technologies to transform businesses’ core operations, their worker and customer experiences and ultimately their business models.

Evridigit experts are constantly working to research, test and select the methodologies and tools that digital innovation market continually makes available in order to build solutions that enable companies to have cutting-edge technology at an affordable cost.

The company offers interactive website development, with basic features, like optimized for consultation from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, equipped with SEO features, multilingual and integrated with Social Network. However, a variety of advanced features is also offered, like eCommerce, Advanced SEO, Artificial Intelligence, Contacts profiling and Marketing Automation, CRM, Analysis and report, Advanced Security Protection, Backoffice, Personalized advice, etc.

Our way of thinking

Digital technologies are available for everybody, many of them for free, like the one in this video: GPS navigator with traffic information.

Almost everybody has Google Maps installed in his phone, but the majority of the people don’t use it.  And they and remain stuck in traffic while people who use the navigator, also if they know the route, are informed about the queue and take the parallel free road.

It’s the same for business: many companies, for lack of culture or conservative attitude of their managers (the same people who stay in the traffic), use very few of the available digital technologies and move slowly.

And this is a great opportunity for the companies that embrace the “Digital Transformation” to overtake the analogic ones.

Are you ready for the Digital Transformation?

Meet the team



Andrea, using a highly customer-oriented and collaborative organization, developed over the years profound skills in the field of business organization, information systems and related legal and compliance aspects. After having held positions of high responsibility within banking organizations for many years, in the areas of Organization, Training, ICT, ICT Governance, ICT Compliance and ICT Audit, decided to use the experience gained by launching projects of territorial marketing and digital marketing and founded Evridigit in 2017.



Georgia, after working in the public service for 15 years, having responsibility for many projects, like national databases management, organization and implementation of various national projects, internal audit, quality systems, etc, decided two years ago to get specialized in digital marketing with the guidance and support of Andrea Clementi and collaborate with him to establish a branch of Evridigit in Cyprus.



Marisa is a mathematician with postgraduate studies, among others, in Internet and Database Technologies Using: SQL, HTTP, Server / Client Side Scripting, HTML, SSL Encryption, PHP Programming Language. She has worked as a Network Support Technician, as well as in the fields of Statistical Studies, Statistical Data Processing, Software Development. She has a vast experience of teaching informatics to university students.



Mauro has a deep knowledge in the field of programming, in the development of web oriented projects and in the architecture and operation of operating systems. He has specialized in the study and development of digital and IT technologies, digital  marketing Solutions, CRM integrated with the main open source site development platforms.



Anthousa is a mathematician with passion in maths. She uses her statistic and analytic skills for tracking, analysing and reporting site data. She successfully interprets data to identify key metrics and draw conclusions. She has combined all these skills to cope with businesses’ digital marketing needs.

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