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Analytics to understand opportunities & gaps

Whether you run a website for a home business or a large corporation, web analytics is the industry standard for tracking, analyzing, and reporting site data. Knowing how to use web analytics correctly will help you measure site traffic, SEO, engagement, and even ad revenue.

However, at Evridigit we consider that web analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic, but can be used as a tool for business and market research, and to assess and improve the effectiveness of a website.

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Analytics account setup & integrations

Google analytics monitoring & reporting

Social metrics monitoring & reporting

Training & support

Analytics account setup & integrations

Websites and social media channels have the most potential for success when you can measure their performance and base important decisions on your visitors’ behavior.

Although some analytic tools, like Google analytics, Facebook analytics, etc, are free for anyone to install and use to track their  metrics, what most people don’t know, is that many elements required to get the most out of your data are not included by default. In fact, in most cases analytic tools installations are either done incorrectly or are not tracking important metrics.

Our team can help you integrate analytics into your site. We make certain that the analytics account is configured correctly and that you are capturing the necessary business data to use in your data analysis.

Google analytics monitoring & reporting

Google analytics is one of the most common analytics platforms, which, through various dashboards and reports, gives you the opportunity to unlock tremendous data. Google can provide the routes people take to reach your site, the content they viewed, and even the devices they use to get there. Their software can also measure sales and goal conversions, say, getting someone to sign up for your newsletter. It gives you the insights you need to make changes so you can meet your performance goals.

Determine where the greatest share of their visitors is coming from, whether it is direct traffic, referral traffic, search engine traffic or social media traffic.

Social metrics monitoring & reporting

Your social media is an extension of your company and just like any part of your business, you should know how its performing. Using social metrics tools we can help you understand which social media channels drive the most revenue, whether or not all your social media campaigns are actually bringing in any value, or even which marketing channel deserves more attention. We can also show you which posts, tweets, etc. are making you the most money, and which ones users are having a hard time with.

Having this information will help you target your audience more precisely, unlock your ability to listen to them, learn from them, and shape your business to be centered on their needs.

Training & support

For many entrepreneurs website analytics can feel like a confusing mess of reports, graphs and charts that’s difficult to navigate and understand. Evridigit helps you become more familiar with website analytics and how to interpret your results.

On a monthly basis (or more often if you’d like), our team will meet with you to review your detailed monthly reportsOur team will work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand the strategies, reporting, and recommendations we propose to you.

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