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If you want your website to attract and influence the right people and to achieve your sales goals, it must contain content that is well written, search engine optimized, understandable and created with the client’s business objectives in mind. Also, it must have clear calls to action. Successful  content achieves to increase traffic, brand awareness, or conversions.

Our web content writing team will work with you to transform your story into captivating content that converts visitors to customers. Content can range from landing pages and micrographics, to infographics and interactive pieces of content, to entire websites.

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Content strategy

When we work for your content creation we talk with you to understand your vision on where you want your company to be in three to five years.

Based on your vision we plan how your content will be created, managed, and updated. Our designers and writers work together with our analytics team to:

  • Identify the best keywords and phrases that will attract traffic to your site and encourage visitor-to-client conversion.

In this way we want to ensure that the content we create is the content your audience wants and will result in high traffic.

Content creation

Every website needs great content, otherwise, you will have a nice looking but empty frame. We can help you develop engaging, eye-catching content, like lead-generating copywriting, or infographics meant to increase email subscriptions, all tailored to your target audiences’ needs but also to your brand unique feeling and style.

We create the kind of content that your visitors trust and Google loves, ensuring your pages show up in more searches. The SEO-optimized content we create focuses on keyphrases to keep content relevant and genuinely helpful to your visitors.

Formatting is something we also pay attention to. We keep our content brief, surrounded by whitespace, and specific but scannable.

Great content written in the correct form encourages visitors to engage and convert.

Content optimization

Content creation is targeted to readers. However, there is an entirely different audience that your content should attract:  the machines, or search engine robots. Optimization is meant to attract this audience. Search engine robots,  use your text to improve your SEO ranking. Search engine robots will rank highly optimized content higher on a search engine page than non-optimized content.

The processes typically include making sure the correct keywords are present, adding meta descriptions and title tags, and relevant links, optimizing visual images for increased user engagement. Equally important is taking care of fixes and improvements on technical performance, like page speed.

The result is optimized content for not only users but also search engines. By optimizing your content for both parties, we access and satisfy your target audience but also rank well in search results.

Content promotion

We don’t stop with  content creation, our services also include content promotion. We create content having in mind who’s going to share it, who is the right influencer to work to share your content on sites and social platforms that are really important for your business.

Content promotion ensures that your market knows about your content. As more people connect with your content online, you  will achieve your target for increased site traffic, conversions, and revenue.

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