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Make the most of your digital marketing tools by connecting them to a CRM platform.

Improve your performance with CRM

A CRM system helps your business manage relationships with your customers. It brings together all of your customer data, access, track, sort, analyze, and prioritize leads and opportunities that are highly likely to convert.
 Inducing a CRM system in your business or replacing the old desktop CRM software with cloud-based CRM, making it accessible anytime from anywhere, is essential in the digital marketing era.
Evridigit integrates the most advanced CRM system available under an Open Source license, SuiteCRM. The application is fully customisable and can be tailor made to fit your current or future business processes. Various modules can be turned on or off, ensuring it is as simple or a complex to use in accordance with your needs. More importantly, its completely free to use, can be utilised by the entire organisation and there are no limits on number of users or features.

Our CRM Services

Customer & lead management

Data reporting

CRM integrations

Customer & lead management

By creating a central repository of your customers, a CRM system provides you with an overview of all accounts, contacts, open/closed opportunities, a rich history and more.

Detailed lead views allow you to view all relevant lead information in one single page, allowing you to easily follow up on the lead, update their info and succesfully convert them into a sale.

All the customer communication is saved in the CRM, providing you with a complete overview of the provided service, and the ability to detect where you can improve.

CRM integrations

SuiteCRM comes with a powerful API, and there are many plugins available. If you use marketing tools you can easily create a seamless integration with the tools you use and get the best of both worlds. Make the most of your marketing tools, like marketing automation, accounting software, chat services, key social tool, by connecting them to your CRM platform. 

Taking advantage of new business tools, and integrating them with your CRM system lets you follow people, information, and groups on social networks. It also lets you capture real-time data.

Data reporting

Having data in a database without being able to run reports for management to see, is useless. 

With your CRM system you enjoy maximum insight into your results with visual charts and graphs and powerful reporting. The reporting module allows you to create your own custom reports, which can be loaded in to your own dashboards.

You can create reports around the results of marketing campaigns, such as emails opened, unique clicks, leads converted and more.

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