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Ecommerce Web Design

Having e-commerce solutions for your business is a smart and cheap way to reach the global audience. We offer eCommerce solutions, ranging from small shops to complex online payment systems.

Our approach includes a full-suite of eCommerce development services, including strategy, integrations, migrations and of course, the building of easy to navigate, conversion oriented online stores that drive in improved user experience. 

Our Ecommerce Services

E-Commerce site development

System integration

Responsive design

Site testing

E-commerce site development

In the coming years, it is expected that growth of e-commerce will increase like never before with all the current technologies. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a large one, a new one or an old one. People from every age whether they are children, millennials, or old loves to shop from different e-stores.

At Evridigit we will work to build an e-commerce website for you, that engages your customers and enhances your brand and digital presence. Our designs are responsive and mobile-friendly, creating pleasant shopping experience on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

But also we will design your online store having you in mind. We know that an online store’s inventory is constantly changing and somebody should modify it as it grows.

We will specifically design your store with that in mind, making it simple to use and modify as you grow. You will be able to effortlessly manage your inventory,  make more sales with pinpoint precision – even if you aren’t tech savvy and feel confident.

Responsive design

Most users navigate and make their online shopping from mobile devices, not desktop. For this reason we build eCommerce stores that look beautiful on all devices.

It is a waste of your energy and money to have a great looking e-store but to lose customers and leads because they can’t easily access your site from their phone or tablet.

System integration

Most enterprise customers have unique requirements when it comes to integrating software and systems. A great eCommerce ecosystem should be easy to connect to a range of needed third-party commercial and open source software.

From your inventory management system to your shipping provider and invoicing software, we’ll integrate your site with the tools that keep your business moving forward

Ecommerce site testing

When your e-store is complete, we will use metrics, analytics and data to test the design and user experience of your site, in order to succeed to have high conversions.​

We will implement Google Analytics or any third-party inventory and accounting tools you choose. We will also teach you how to set conversion goals and track everything from visitor behavior to inventory and revenue.

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