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Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your current and potential clients whether you have an exciting announcement about your business or you want to promote a new service or a new product.

At Evridigit we will take care of your email marketing for you. We will help you choose the campaign package that fits your business needs and goals best. We will manage your campaigns and ensure that your email content encourages users to visit your site and purchase your products and services.

Our E-mail Marketing Services

Email campaign strategy

Content creation

Email segmentation

Campaign testing

Email campaign strategy

There are many different kinds of email campaigns. Each one is good for a different situation and a different target audience. In order to choose each time the correct one, you must have a clear email marketing strategy.

Any email marketing strategy should connect every email you plan to send, from the welcome email to the follow-up purchase email. At Evridigit, we can help you gather emails, for email marketing, create, refine, and implement capture forms and distribute content to your list.

Email segmentation

Segmenting your email campaigns means that you send a different email to different segments of your email list. This could mean a batch of emails that goes to subscribers that have shopped with you before and a batch that goes to subscribers that haven’t. Batches could go to recipients in different time zones, that belong to different demographics (age, gender, social status), that show different behavior (click-throughs, web pages visited, etc) or recipients that take interest in different departments of your store.

Email segmentation increases significantly your chances of success. So, instead of simply sending batch emails at unspecified times in the buyer journey, you are sending timely, personalized emails that hit your customers at exactly the right time.

Content creation

Don’t know what to say or how to say it? Our team of writers can build beautifully-engaging pieces of content you can share with your subscribers. It could be a welcome message to first-time subscribers, an article tailor made based on a subscriber’s interests, an email for re-engagement, etc.

We can also prepare for you email content that is personalized for each specific recipient. Personalizing can be based on what your recipients searched for you on your website, or products or services they bought before. Similar products or services can be suggested, or a reminder for an item left in their cart.


E-mail marketing analytics

Extensive metrics and analytics let you test the results of your email marketing. Email campaign metrics such as open and click through rates, spam report rate, etc., tell you what is working and what not and help you decide how to shift your strategy if it is not working to the best of its ability. 

It’s extremely important to test your emails to take notes of things like if a user opens the email based on the subject line, how users interact with your emails, and more. Individual contact tracking lets you know which emails specific contacts are engaging with. You can even analyze the social reach of your emails by tracking views, likes, comments, tweets and shares for each email campaign.

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