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Your website is an extension of your business, and many times is the first impression someone will have of your company. An outdated or ineffective website can be a terrible reflection of your business, team, and products or services.

At Evrdigit we know how to build websites that perform well and convert. Our goal is to develop websites that function as a powerful and communications tool to attract new clients, increase brand awareness and make you maximize your revenue.

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WordPress development

At Evridigit we specialize in good-looking, accessible, responsive websites that meet our clients’ goals and work seamlessly across a wide range of devices. We create websites that offer nice-looking designs suited to your brand and powerful user experience.

We develop websites having mobile in mind as it’s more important than ever. Additionally, we develop websites having in mind that they should look great and are easy to use on all devices. From smartphones to all kind of screens.

You may want a very specialized and complicated website or a one page website. In all cases we will work with you to create a site that is exactly what you need it to be.

Working with Evridigit means you will have the freedom to update your pages without help from a programmer. Think of all the money you’ll save once we’ve built your site and trained you how to use it.

Integration & third party tools

Digital marketing is so broad that it takes a lot to master it. It has a wide range of components and channels like email, analytics, SEO, content, advertisement, etc. and each has its own strategies and techniques.

Evridigit experts are constantly working to research, test and select the methodologies and tools that digital innovation market continually makes available. With a careful choice of add-on modules available on WordPress, we integrate the basic functions to meet all your business needs.

Landing pages

Your landing pages are some of the most important pages on your website. They are great tools to convince your visitor to perform a specific action, such as purchasing a product or sharing your posts in social media. Instead of directing visitors to your homepage where they may not know what to do next, you can send them to a highly targeted landing page to convert visitors to sales.

To make sure you get the best possible results  from your landing pages, we perform A/B testing for every landing page, to be sure that we find the best performing design.

Website performance metrics

One of the most important website performance metrics is the loading speed of a website. The high speed of computers and the Internet speed has made the attention spam of the visitor much shorter that it used to be a few years ago.

However, there’s more to monitoring website performance metrics than site speed. Because so many variables can affect the front end experience at any given time, at Evridigit we perform multiple measurements to get an accurate picture of website performance metrics.

Hosting & maintenance

Avoid the hassle of hosting your own site. We offer secure, reliable website hosting, shared or dedicated.
Our team will keep your website running smoothly and securely so you will have more time to focus on updating your content.
These are some examples of how you will benefit from our managed hosting:
  • site maintenance
  • content management system updates
  • plugins updates
  • SSL certificate renewals
  • security audits
  • performance optimization

Support & training

We understand the difficulty of implementing new technologies that maybe you and your personnel are not accustomed to. 

We will train your team on how to use your new system and feel confident about it. You no longer have to fear managing your blog, content and media. You will be able to create content regularly to stay relevant to your visitors.

  • your site going down
  • bug fixes
  • site performance issues
  • security and protection
  • disaster recovery

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